Friday, January 29, 2016

You are the Code from the God that I Have to Compile

Life is running so fast. Like a Mom who didn't realize that her kid is growing up every day, or kids who didn't realize that their Mom is growing old day by day. Maybe it's because we are to busy to make our self  'does-exist' in the world so that we never realize that the planet has rotated; the sun goes down and the star comes up; like "The Wanted" said.

January 2013,
I was 21 years old. I was hiking on Bromo Mountain with my high-school mates. It was like a such beautiful moment, that I couldn't forget, because it was the very first time for me to go to the mountain. Nevertheless, Bromo is not like another famous-mountain in Java; like Semeru, Merbabu or Lawu.
Because I was so excited, I decided to take the picture on the top and use it as my profile picture on the social chat (that was common at that time). Then, because of the lack of signal on that place, I switched off my smartphone.
We went to Malang City, and I slept soundly, because I was so tired. Then in the afternoon, I looked up to my smartphone and there were plenty of unread messages. One of those messages comes from my senior in my campus. And he asked about my profile picture and everything about Bromo Mountain.

January 2015,
He proposed me.
Yes, the boy that asked about my profile picture and everything about Bromo Mountain. That's why I said that life is running damn so fast. I never realized; at that time; when he asked about my profile picture will end to he asked me about "will you marry me?". In this time, I was 23 years old, and I was a fresh-graduate. Maybe it sounds too fast for me. Decided to marry someone, when we were too young. But something I know, married is one of worship in my religion so I think that it will be better if we do it earlier.

January 2016,
We're counting d-day.
Everything has arranged (in detail), because I'm kind of someone that who loved something detail. I choose every flower in my venue, I printed our photos in the photo corner, I tasted the food and beverages by my self. I love being a "bride-to-be".

I couldn't say anything. I couldn't ask more for a better husband-to-be.
And in this month too, You're 29 now honey.
Happy birthday, and I'll choose you, over and over....

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  1. Asiiik.. Ditunggu tulisan barunya dan foto-foto nikahannya. :)